Tuesday, 24 September 2013

my school programme logo.

I am happy with my logo because i think it represents an average school well, it also shows the view of an average school student very well on the logo, my logo has a bored student sitting crossed legged and looking bored, with a large pencil above her that writes 'school time'. Also there is a stack of books at the edge of the pencil so that it looks like the student is being blocked in by the amount of homework she has, My background i have chosen is lined paper because it represents a school really well. I think it shows good imagination and it also shows that school is hard. i think i could have done better by making it more like a logo rather than a picture, added more colour, edited it to make it more personal. 

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Album covers update

This album cover is good because it has 4 or 5 pictures on at once. The CD in the top right suggests its a music CD. There are 4 people walking across a road in the middle which suggests that they are the bang that sing the songs in the album.

This album cover is quite dark and it does not give us much information, it suggests that its quite mysterious and out of the ordinary. The dark colours and the man suggests its maybe a sad movie or song. his face and eyes direction could also state that he is looking up at something?
This cover has a picture of refraction and colour spectrum which maybe suggests its about science or the author likes science. Also the white line being refracted into many colours suggest it turns from quite sad to happy or involves a big twist in the song or story.

This album cover is quite strange because it is just plain squared paper, it may have something to do with maths as we use this paper in maths, or it could be a movie about maths. There is no text which could suggest that its a mystery or maybe a detective story.
This album cover is full of colour and letters, this gives off the impression that its quite exciting and if its a cd quite loud and has rap in. maybe about a graffiti artist or just a normal artist.
This has a picture of a cross on which suggests that someone has died or that the writer is quite religious, its also quite dark which represents mystery and sadness. The fact that there is not much colour suggests that maybe he is afraid of colour.
This cover is quite hard to connotate on as all it is is a baby that looks either dead or unborn, maybe its a sign that the movie is going to be big but at the time its not recognised. or maybe the baby could represent dying before they've lived. The grim colours give off the idea that the story is quite gory.
This cover is colourful which suggests that its quite an exciting movie or a loud, happy song. also the stripes may suggest that there are a lot of twists and changes. The text is quite small and is surrounded with black which could give us the idea that there is a story line that is un-noticable.
This cover shows an eg being cracked, this ma suggest that a person has gone mad and cracked, it also could suggest its a funny film and everyones cracking up. It looks like a film that is being played in slo mo, so it could be an action film.
The prodgidy cover looks quite scary and spooky and makes you want to watch it. the scary face suggests its a horror but the face is stone so therefore it must be a quite unrealistic story. The face is gasping for air which could suggest that its a long dragged out death as well as a long dragged out storyline, the title is curved which could suggest there is a turn around at some point in the story.

opacity and magic wand tool

I learned how to change the opacity of things, i can now make images, backgrounds and texts the correct shade i want. I also learned how to use the magic wand tool.
you change the opacity of things by selecting them on the side column and adjusting it by sliding the button across under the colour palette. 
You use the magic wand tool for a few things, one of them is to remove the white backgrounds from images, you do this by selecting the image on the side panel and clicking the magic wand tool, then you  click the white and click backspace. I think that these are good tools to know because they are quite key and help edition alot. A good editor needs to know how to use these two things to succeed.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

connotation and denotation of the heart

The redness of the heart suggests that its in a bloody area of the body. The shape is not actually how a heart looks, in the picture it looks plump which could suggest it is full up. The indent at the top of the heart suggests it can be easy to break. There is a saying that relates to this 'a broken heart'

Thursday, 5 September 2013

waterloo road logo

I think the waterloo road logo looks like this because if you look closely the text is made out of tables and waterloo road is about a school, also all of the objects around the text maybe represent school bags that are all over the place, waterloo road is not a very well represented school therefore the out of place tables and bags could represent the untidiness.

Cast members look very scruffy and look as though they don't care about school or teaching the students, both students and teachers look careless, we see this when the teachers are smoking in the playground and the students are all doing something dodgy like holding a hockey stick for the wrong reasons or dealing drugs.


Waterloo road is on air at 8.00 on thursday night, i think this is because its a school night and people wont go out with their mates that night, and perhaps have more time to watch t.v, also because if it was on a weekend there would be alot more competition like, X factor, Britain's got talent, Ant and Dec's saturday night take away and more big shows

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

media used on fridays

on fridays i  usually use my radio to wake me up, i use my phone for music and watch tele at night, also i play games on my ipad when im bored after school.

What type of school is Waterloo Road?

The way the students are presented suggests that waterloo road is a school that does not care too much. Also the teachers who were smoking in the playground look as if they aren't too bothered, a student was walking round with a baseball top on and a hockey stick smashing windows which says that he knows he will get away with it, which suggests that waterloo road is very soft on students. Some students looked as if they were dealing drugs which proves security is low at Waterloo Road, The head teacher was on the roof throwing paperwork off which suggests he is mad at something or maybe stress which may have been caused by students that really don't care! there was a a scene where some girls were fighting to get things out of a bag that looks as though it has been stolen and the teachers done nothing about it.