Tuesday, 24 September 2013

my school programme logo.

I am happy with my logo because i think it represents an average school well, it also shows the view of an average school student very well on the logo, my logo has a bored student sitting crossed legged and looking bored, with a large pencil above her that writes 'school time'. Also there is a stack of books at the edge of the pencil so that it looks like the student is being blocked in by the amount of homework she has, My background i have chosen is lined paper because it represents a school really well. I think it shows good imagination and it also shows that school is hard. i think i could have done better by making it more like a logo rather than a picture, added more colour, edited it to make it more personal. 


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  2. Logo: D3 - Please upload to blog. Your logo shows some photoshop skills and some understanding of connotations.
    T: Develop your photoshop skills by practicing some tutorials and using the crib sheet.

    EVAL: D1 - A very short evaluation, what you have written here has potential. In order to develop you must mention connotations in depth and what skills you have learnt.
    T: Be much more detailed in your writing to really put across your points.