Thursday, 19 September 2013

Album covers update

This album cover is good because it has 4 or 5 pictures on at once. The CD in the top right suggests its a music CD. There are 4 people walking across a road in the middle which suggests that they are the bang that sing the songs in the album.

This album cover is quite dark and it does not give us much information, it suggests that its quite mysterious and out of the ordinary. The dark colours and the man suggests its maybe a sad movie or song. his face and eyes direction could also state that he is looking up at something?
This cover has a picture of refraction and colour spectrum which maybe suggests its about science or the author likes science. Also the white line being refracted into many colours suggest it turns from quite sad to happy or involves a big twist in the song or story.

This album cover is quite strange because it is just plain squared paper, it may have something to do with maths as we use this paper in maths, or it could be a movie about maths. There is no text which could suggest that its a mystery or maybe a detective story.
This album cover is full of colour and letters, this gives off the impression that its quite exciting and if its a cd quite loud and has rap in. maybe about a graffiti artist or just a normal artist.
This has a picture of a cross on which suggests that someone has died or that the writer is quite religious, its also quite dark which represents mystery and sadness. The fact that there is not much colour suggests that maybe he is afraid of colour.
This cover is quite hard to connotate on as all it is is a baby that looks either dead or unborn, maybe its a sign that the movie is going to be big but at the time its not recognised. or maybe the baby could represent dying before they've lived. The grim colours give off the idea that the story is quite gory.
This cover is colourful which suggests that its quite an exciting movie or a loud, happy song. also the stripes may suggest that there are a lot of twists and changes. The text is quite small and is surrounded with black which could give us the idea that there is a story line that is un-noticable.
This cover shows an eg being cracked, this ma suggest that a person has gone mad and cracked, it also could suggest its a funny film and everyones cracking up. It looks like a film that is being played in slo mo, so it could be an action film.
The prodgidy cover looks quite scary and spooky and makes you want to watch it. the scary face suggests its a horror but the face is stone so therefore it must be a quite unrealistic story. The face is gasping for air which could suggest that its a long dragged out death as well as a long dragged out storyline, the title is curved which could suggest there is a turn around at some point in the story.

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  1. Spencer, this is a good effort but you haven't really given the connotations in detail.

    Please have another look at the example on the Blog and try again for this wednesday.